About Me

My Work

I primarily shoot live performance photography. I focus on capturing the passion of those in front of my lens. This gives musicians, dancers, and actors something that they can go back to and see how their performance looked from multiple angles. I also love allowing audience members and fans to go back and relive their experience at events. I am a hardworking individual who uses my sense-of-humor to make performers and audience members feel comfortable.

I feel my studio work is an extension of my personality. Whenever I am photographing portraits I try to get the model to have fun and express their personality. When it comes to still life, I choose objects that I feel have a light tone then create lighting around them to match the tone. Many of the series I have created within my studio work involve my childhood and items I connect to my childhood that I have carried with me.


I have always been influenced by video games. Growing up in the '90s left no shortage of them for kids my age to play. In 1999, Pokémon Snap was just released for the Nintendo 64. The game focused on a photographer who traveled different environments in search of interesting images of the pocket monsters. As a six year old, I was in love with this game. The player would only be given sixty attempts in each area, they would then be graded by a professor. I would spend hours anticipating the movements from creatures in the area to snap the best picture of them. That anticipation has stayed with me today.

As a twenty-three year old performance photographer from the Chicagoland area, I spend my time predicting where performers are going to be when executing their work. From dancers, to musicians, and to finally actors, I love capturing their onstage passions and personas.

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